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The Anchor Yale Bible Reference Library; New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 2022 (anticipated publication date)

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The Origins of Judaism: An Archaeological-Historical Reappraisal

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Throughout most of Jewish history, the Jewish way of life has been characterized by strict adherence to the practices and prohibitions legislated by the Torah: dietary laws, ritual impurity rules, male circumcision, regulations regarding Sabbath prohibitions and the Jewish holidays, and much more. But when did this unique way of life first emerge among the Judeans as a group, and why specifically at this time?


The Origins of Judaism seeks to elucidate the fundamental problem of when and why ancient Judeans—as a society—first began to observe the laws of the Torah in their daily lives. This groundbreaking study engages both ancient texts as well as archaeological finds in order to uncover the earliest evidence for the observance of the laws of the Torah among rank-and-file Judeans.


The surprising conclusions in this new book are bound to revolutionize everything we thought we knew about the genesis of Early Judaism.