The Origins of Judaism Archaeological Project

The Beginnings of Judaism...

It is one of the world's oldest religions.

Its ancient system of ritual law encompasses almost every facet of the lives of its followers.

But what are the origins of its many rituals and prohibitions?

How did it all begin?

And how did its practies develop into the system of religious law we know today?

Answers to these questions—lie hidden in the ground.

Help us uncover the origins of Jewish heritage through archaeology.

Join us, and become a part of this exciting and innovative research initiative. Donate to our research fund, volunteer for excavtions, or let us know other ways you would be interested in helping.

The Origins Project

The Origins of Judaism Archaeological project is dedicated to answering these questions. The project is the first comprehensive and systematic effort at uncovering the beginnings and early development of Judasim by studying the archaeological evidence of ancient Jewish ritual practices. Research areas include mikva'ot (ritual baths), tefillin (phylacteries) from Qumran and elsewhere in the Judean desert, chalkstone vessels, kashrut (dietary laws), and more.  

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